Persistence is the key


Another Gurushots success, this time with “Solo subject” challenge with slightly different rules. In this case there was a guaranteed spot for photographers that ended up in the highest category called “all star” during that particular challenge, along with some other possibilities on how to guarantee yourself a spot. Of course, fee of 7€ is still necessary. However they also increased number of photos to 600.

So, as it was quite forgiving theme I decided to go all in and get again the best result I could. Sad thing about Gurushots is the way it treats other players and it really feels when you submit photos and how you play. There is a sweet spot around a day before the end of challenge when you can gain the most votes.

In my case I decided to try and get there from the beginning and therefore to make it a little harder.

I ended up 56th and this time there were more than 40.000 participants and this time I also got the e-mail!

If you are interested and are reading this during the right time, the mentioned Facebook event is here. I would really love to participate, however I am not able to get somewhere across my country and another hour further away in the middle of a week…so if you will get there please let me know how it was and how it felt!