Make yourself a habit of doing unplanned decisions, it will make your life much more colorful.


If a person you met once writes you and asks for any kind of person that may want a puppy, what will you do?

I asked myself this exact thing when that question was addressed to me back in January this year. Things happened and changed the course of a life of several beings. One of those beings is Alpha, a young white shepherd dog that is peacefully sleeping on a cold spot next to my door at the moment of me writing this story, while constantly keeping an eye on me.

As I already have Orka (another basically rescue dog, more about her later), I expected a little similar dog…yet Alpha is all of that but amplified tenfold. He loves cuddles more than anything, if you sit somewhere with a space he is there immediately. I tried to keep him out of bed and I failed miserably, because he just really wants to be close to you, literally as close as possible.

But not only that, he’s also really smart, his perception of surrounding is outstanding and he loves to watch the world through the window. Walkies outside are sometimes painful as he remembers where the best places are and rushes there as fast as possible and one of those places is a little dog park near our house, he loves it there so much.

After some time with me, people started asking “Are you keeping him already?” and I must say that this is not the case as I have other plans with a different breed I would like to have this time. In fact, this may be his last week with me as he finally found his forever home, I was just fostering him. For 6 months. During this time, he really grew on me and it will be really painful to see him go, but at the same time I can say I helped him mature into a beautiful dog that will bring all the joy and love to his new place and all I hope for is to see him once in a while, to say hello.

Alpha, you taught me how to be a better dog owner, how to look for the better places for walks and how to always find more than what is saw at the first glance. I wish you only the best and will not be satisfied with anything less than that.


All dogs are special, each and every one will give you something new you never knew existed before.