About me

Passionate fine art photographer
Who am I really?

Currently based in Košice, Slovakia, which was also the place where I started with photography in 2010, I am specializing in dog and pet photography in general. Evolving through years and meeting new people that got me further, I can guarantee satisfaction with every photo.

I am also active in other genres as I have experience in concert, wedding, portrait and landscape photography, which is sometimes a nice runaway from stereotype that can only 1 genre bring and stop your creativity from flowing.

Animals are special to work with, you cannot tell them how to pose or what you want from them. Also their level of training depends on what type of shot one gets as a result. To help capture their true potential, personality and soul, I am using multiple options to get their attention. Toys and treats are the most common ones as they obviously work the best.

For postprocessing I usually go for realistic look, however more dream-like, artistic look is also quite common among the photographs achieved by lightroom and photoshop.



I believe everyone is unique and deserves unique approach. Everyone has different personality, different look or behavior. It is up to me to find the best way to put this uniqueness into picture and I decided not to stop at “good enough” and therefore I constantly learn new ways to portray the very soul of the one I photograph.

My goals that came true

Even though I am not seeking contests, there are some things I achieved over the years.

Photo exhibited in Vienna, Austria

Another Gurushots success, this time with “Solo subject” challenge with slightly different rules.

Handpicked photo by staff on Viewbug

As with Gurushots, I found other websites I wanted to give a try to. So I found Viewbug and slowly started posting some photos there.

Photography exhibition in Cape Town
Sometimes even small things can cause a big happiness.
Feed from the picture sharing platform

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