Sometimes even small things can cause a big happiness.


Maybe you heard about GuruShots. If not, it’s a “game” of becoming the guru of photography by participating in various challenges and getting to the top ranks. Along these challenges, there are also special challenges that are part of an exhibition all around the world.

This was also a case of “The art of photography” challenge. Naturally I wanted to participate and as exhibition was held in South Africa, I wanted to be eligible and to do that I had to be in the top 30% of all photographers and also pay a fee of 7€.

Of course I paid the fee and then made the best I could to get into top 30%.

I ended up in top 20% on the 275th place with these photos…not the best rank I ever had, but still pretty good if I also mention the fact there was more than 17.000 pparticipants and I was also eligible for the exhibition.

Time flew by and no news were being delivered and I could not wait to see if someone liked my photo enough to select and show it. One day I saw a livestream from GuruShots’ instagram regarding the show, so I went checking the results again and it was there, I could check which photos were selected, however no announcement was delivered to my mail, so I thought my photo was not selected. What was my surprise to see my photo among them!

400 photographers were selected for exhibition and my photo even appeared on livestream, from those hundreds of photos! I know it’s still a long way to the top of the class, but I never said I am the best photographer in the world 🙂

It was this photo that got to Cape Town, South Africa.