“Nothing endures but change.” – Heraclitus


Mattphoto was with me since I bought my first camera and the name was from Matt Noir, my pseudonym I created many years ago, as I felt weird by placing my name on stuff I post. Also because I wanted to have some nickname online that was original.

At first I thought noir was something I completely made up and it took me like 2 days to figure out the perfect (for me) combination of letters with optimal length as it was not too short, but neither too long, four letters seemed to me the perfect. What was the shock when I figured out it means “black” in French later on! I decided to keep the name though, as it kinda also represented me and my style, because I like black and darker colors, they are elegant and for me they represent higher standard.

As years passed by and I created my facebook page, Mattphoto slowly started to be recognized by others and some people also connected it to my name. But that was mostly the cause if they knew me personally as well.

So why did I decide to ditch a name that was more and more known?

The answer is more simple than I would like it to be. Even though I am known better, I feel like it’s not me, but someone else and not to mention, it’s still another name that cannot be found as easily, at least in my opinion. So, some time ago, I asked my friend to create a new logo for me.

A logo, that will represent me and my ideals of creativity, showing who I really am, while using my own name, fitting the photograph.


So, this was a short story of me finding my own name in photography.